Pattern books to help you make blankets & help us ship blankets!

Comfort for Critters depends solely on the generosity of animal lovers to help us ship our free blankets to over 400 animal shelters across the US. We donate over 1,500 blankets each and every month, and even the shipping is free for the shelters!

Linda, Comfort for Critters' founder, has written 2 books with information on CFC and 30 of her favorite pet blanket patterns. E-books are sold here, softcover books are sold on Amazon. All funds received keep CFC going, & keep CFC shipping, our free blankets to shelters!

Why Choose Us?

Comfort for Critters is a volunteer program that creates free handmade blankets to comfort homeless pets living in animal shelters across the US. We support over 400 shelters, which are in every US state!

While these pets await adoption, the blankets provide a comfortable bed year-round. When they are adopted, their blanket goes with them, providing something familiar as they adjust to their "forever family."

“I love being able to create things that can be used and it is even more so when it is for puppies and kittens. This book gives a wonderful background on how “Comfort for Critters” came into being and patterns to use to create crocheted “blankies” for critters . My goal with this book is to work my way through the patterns. Thanks Linda for creating CFC ‼️ And this great book and all that you do!” ~ Linda R.

“This book will appeal to anyone who wants to help shelter animals regardless of crochet skills. The story behind it is beautiful. No matter what your skill level is, there is something in here for everyone. If you cannot crochet, donating yarn to this organization is an option too. Glad to be able to help fund a worthy cause too.” ~ Lanisia88

“I love how Linda wrote about her love for animals, starting at a young age. Her history is inspiring and gives you more info into why she started "Comfort For Critters", to benefit shelter pets. All of the patterns are well written and I've used many of them as I donate to her cause. Lots of different patterns to keep you crocheting, and enhancing your crochet skills.” ~ Ralph

“This is an awesome book for anyone who loves to crochet PLUS you are helping out various animal shelters throughout the country. Easy to follow along instructions and nice clear pictures of each blanket and there are numerous blanket patterns to choose from. I highly recommend purchasing this book!” ~ RK

“This is an amazing book for those wanting to help shelter pets with crocheted blankets. Linda shares her story and her patterns to help animals have some comfort while in shelters. I have used many of the patterns in making blankets and shipped to shelters in my home state. A must buy!” ~ Drquinn 

“This is such a wonderful organization and book! The patterns are great and easy to follow and even come with pictures. What a wonderful way to help the animals - people too! Thank you for what you do and for this book!” ~ Sally H.

“Great, easy crochet patterns for kitty blankets to donate to shelter pets. Linda's story and cause are well worth anyone's time. A must have for any crafter and pet lover!” ~ Kerry M.

“This is a wonderful book of patterns for comfort blankets primarily to go to animal shelters. The instructions are very clear. The story behind the Comfort for Critters organization is truly heartwarming.” ~ Margaret H.

“A wonderful combination of well written patterns, encouraging words and adorable rescue pets with handmade blankets. A terrific resource! Highly recommended.” ~ Mrs. W

“I absolutely LOVE this pattern book. It's got a lot of great patterns which you can make larger or smaller depending on your need. It's quite inspiring to read Linda's story about how she came to help animal shelters, and I for one am excited to start making shelter blankets.” ~ Carla B.

“I’m so glad I purchased this book. I can get rid of a bunch of paper copies of patterns now that I have this collection all in one book! And such a great charity that benefits too! This is a good book for animal lovers who crochet - it’s the story of how blankets comfort animals in shelters, along side easy to follow blanket patterns to make and donate.” ~Helen K.

“I just found out about Comfort for Critters a couple months ago and immediately purchased this book. It has easy crochet patterns along with information on various ways to help animals in shelters. You will not regret purchasing this book and you will also be helping homeless animals.” ~ TLS

“This is a wonderful book of patterns to make blankets for cats and even dogs. The blanket patterns can be made for your own pets or as gifts for others. They are quick and pretty to make. Handmade blankets are the perfect thing to donate to local animal shelters to provide warmth and comfort to the animals there until they can find their forever home. This is a great book and inspires a great cause to help shelter pets.” ~ Sunspree

“This is a great book with a variety of patterns for pet blankets and beds. There are different shapes and sizes using different crochet stitches. This is a great cause and I have already donated several to my local no-kill shelter.”~ Christina C.

“I’ve been making blankets for Comfort for Critters for several years and wanted to challenge myself to make different blankets. There are so many cute patterns to try and they are explained very thoroughly. I’m so happy with all of the blankets I’ve been able to make for the animals. I have the e-book/kindle version of this and it's amazing! Love all the different patterns to try and the personal stories shared, too. I also love that purchasing this helps support the Comfort for Critters organization and impacts the lives of homeless animals.” ~ Jennifer M.

About Us

Linda Kastiel Kozlowski

Founder & Owner

Comfort for Critters was founded by Linda Kastiel Kozlowski, after she adopted a kitten named "Anna," and wanted to do something for all the pets which she couldn't take home that day.

Instead of bringing in old towels, as was suggested, she asked if she could crochet blankets for the cats and dogs, never envisioning she was starting on a road which would bring thousands of blankets into shelters across the US.

In her "spare" time she's the chief cook and bottle washer for Comfort for Critters. She's loves all God's creatures, from Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches to newborn kittens. She's had most of them as pets, as well!

She endeavors to demonstrate that love by making blankets to comfort all the "critters" waiting to join families. She's grateful to her many volunteers for truly paving the way on the Comfort for Critters journey!